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madmothmiko asked: Dude I love seeing your shield designs when I watch a Dark Souls 2 playthrough xD


Ha, cool. I actually don’t have the game yet and I haven’t seen any let’s plays for fear of spoilers. It would be cool to see one get used in a popular build though.

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My name in the Dark Souls II credits. Pretty cool! I also got the collector’s edition guide in the mail yesterday - shouts out to Marcus and Franz and all the other co-writers. I’m really glad they were able to convince FuturePress to include a section with all the item descriptions. Marcus posted a really interesting video of some of the backstory which I recommend checking out.

My friend Jake is also working on some Raime themed products which he will be putting on sale soon! You can see more of his work at Spriteborne.

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Anonymous asked: If you get the chance, you should definitely upload more of your images on here so i c an be all over them ok I love them 24/7


Thanks! I’m working on a lot of new stuff which I’ll be posting soon.

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feiyfeiy asked: Congrats on the contest. Now its a matter of finding your shields.


Thanks! I believe one is in a place called ‘The Gutter’ and another is in a place called the ‘Forest of Fallen Giants’.

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art-and-fury asked: hi passing to congrats by your deserved success. we love your design you know, very style... so keep the wave (: belle & remy & plus


Thank you so much! I really appreciate it everytime you reblog one of my posts. I always get a lot of love!

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goblintower asked: Your stuff is blowing me away, and I'm so happy for you to have made a DSII shield. Do you have any interviews or bios about you posted online? I'm really loving all of this.


Thanks dude! I’m a big fan of the Dark Souls series so it was a really cool experience. I actually don’t have any interviews, since no one has ever asked! If I do get interviewed I’ll post a link here.

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boywithstyle asked: Congratulations on the shield contest!! im sure as hell ill be using the raven shield lol


Thank you so much! I’ll probably be using it too hehehehehehe…

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I just learned via Namco Bandai that they have gone out of their way to have a blacksmith from Armédia create real-life replicas of the shields I designed for Dark Souls II! They also published some screenshots of the in-game shields, and they did an amazing job with them. I thought they were going to redraw them but I think they used the designs as is.

Huge thanks to FROM and Namco Bandai -  I totally wasn’t expecting anything like this. I can’t wait to see them in the game when March comes around.

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Daily 30-minute sketchpaints from January 18 - January 24. I’ll be doing one of these per day and collecting them in an annual sketchbook publication.

Watch the playlist of all the timelapse recordings.

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